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"Mjegulla" is a platform designed to create an online dropshipping store, making it easy for individuals or businesses to start their online selling operations globally, without the need for coding knowledge.

  • With Mjegulla, you can focus on your marketing and increasing your sales, while the platform takes care of the payment methods in your store.



In Mjegulla, you have the opportunity to connect your store with CJdropshipping (a supplier from China) and Printify (a supplier from America).

  • Connecting your store with Printify also provides a wide range of products. You can design these products yourself and add them to Mjegulla with a click to sell!

  • When a customer places an order in your store and the products are from CjDropshipping, then CjDropshipping takes care of packaging and shipping the product automatically to your customer.

  • When a customer places an order in your store and the products are from Printify with your brand, Printify produces the product designed by you, packages it, and automatically sends the product to your customer.


Accept payments

The store created by you on Mjegulla accepts all types of credit cards, as well as giropay payments for European countries, and ApplePay.

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